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Our Services: Creative Catering

Creative Catering

Great parties can be made or broken by the food that is served. Whether it is spicy pastalitos and jalapeño margaritas at a Cinco de Mayo celebration, a full chili-dog bar and three-cheese macaroni for a traditional summer picnic, or exquisite sushi and elegant cocktails at a black tie affair, the menu you choose, along with the quality of the food and service, sets the tone for your party, and can determine whether your guests go home happy or hungry.

With a multitude of 5-star restaurants to choose from in the Los Angeles area, offering cuisine from every part of the world, today’s diners have developed a sophisticated palate. No longer content to dine on pigs-in-a-blanket or cheese and crackers, your guests are looking for foods that challenge the status quo, offerings that are as unique and eye-catching as they are delicious. A top-notch event planner can provide catering services that accomplish all this and more.

Creative Catering Makes Your Event Better

At PBC Events we have been matching clients with high quality caterers for over thirty years. The relationships that we have formed with the top vendors in Los Angeles allow us to provide our clients with the very best products and services the market has to offer. Creative catering is a hallmark of our company’s events, a characteristic that brings our customers back time and again.

We recognize that while taste and appearance are important, they are not the only factors that characterize a successful food experience. How food is served, can be every bit as meaningful as what food is served. Our caterers see to every aspect of the dining experience, from presentation to serving, ensuring the proper temperature to making sure that plates are always full, and glasses are never empty. Most important, we do the work, so you are free to enjoy your own party.

Food And Pricing

From traditional barbeque to pastries crafted by the finest French chefs, PBC is committed to meeting the individual needs of each and every client. We can help you plan a menu that will fit your budget and match the theme of your specific event. Don’t settle for run-of-the-mill appetizers and frozen desserts. Contact PBC Events today to find out what mouthwatering fare we can provide for your party. Then let the fun begin!


With over thirty years of experience producing fantastic parties in the Los Angeles area, PBC Events has developed a reputation as one of the top corporate event planners in the business. We have forged solid relationships with the best vendors in the region, and have access to a multitude of spectacular venues.

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