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We’re Engaged! 7 Ways to Keep the Fire Burning

Edward Ipp - Thursday, July 09, 2015

Take your social media strategy to the bow-chicka-wow-wow level

You threw a great event – attendance was high, the speakers all showed, and most importantly, no one died. Everything was in right: the photobooth for the Instagram posts, bespoke hashtags, the cutest Dorito-infused appetizer of the moment. So why did the next event flop? How do you move beyond just the number of “likes” and find out how your attendees really feel?

Revered philosopher and poet Mariah Carey once mused that life is all about “moments, darling,” and that’s never been more true. In the age of smartphones and constant connectivity, if it’s not posted to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, did your moment even happen? And how do you turn that moment into a lasting relationship – one with real value? Obsessing about your strategy is not just for entitled teens battling for selfie likes anymore. But is your strategy any good? Social media experts agree that the most important part of any measurement strategy is a clear objective. What are your goals – what are you trying to achieve?

Once you’re done talking to yourself, use these 7 tips to take your social media strategy to the bow-chicka-wow-wow level:

1. Read the Room
Evaluate the different conversations that are taking place around your event’s social media posts throughout your event’s life cycle; learn what people are anticipating, how they’re reacting in real time, and what the takeaways are.

2. Get Touchy-Feely Did you leave your attendees wanting more, or are they just not that into you? Spredfast, Brandwatch, Sysomos, and other similar automated programs can determine their underlying emotions and opinions by analyzing the content of social media posts.

3. Stuff Matters
Did the branded selfie-stick swag incite a hashtag riot? Or maybe your champagne fountain got more love than the emcee? Consider what’s being posted at your event – someone sharing smart content is more valuable than an attendee who’s just checking in. Analyze and use this information to help adjust your future event planning.

4. People Matter
Who is talking about your event is just as important as what they’re talking about. Social media listening tools can analyze post about your event and tell you if the posters are influential, valuable, in your target demographic, or if they’re in a new demo you hadn’t even considered before. Use this data to identify people to develop relationships with in the future to be advocates for your brand and events, and stop relying on that high-school sign twirler you hire every weekend.

5. Take a Good Look
Which posts are generating more shares than other? Which content gets more activity: photos, calls to action, or questions? Use this data to build even more engagement at your next event.

6. (Geo)Tag! You’re it!
Use geolocation filters to understand if there are are trends from certain areas within an event. Posts from your attendees will tell you if a line is too long (add more champagne fountains!) or if a particular meeting room isn’t up to par.

7. Stick Around
Aim to create an online community around your event that stays engaged year-round. Use a combination of the tips 1-6 to create content and engagement that gives your attendees what they want, addresses their concerns, and creates excitement for your next event!

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Food Trucks, Restaurants or Catering: Which One?

Allana Johnson - Wednesday, April 01, 2015

If you are hosting a large event like a wedding, corporate outing or a reunion, you have an important choice to make when it comes to food service. There are plenty of options including catering services, restaurants and food trucks. Each has distinct advantages and disadvantages. The size and nature of your get-together will go a long way in determining which food service option is the best for your unique group. Yet each food service choice has specific characteristics that you should think about when making your decision.


Classic Americana-Inspired Event Decor

Allana Johnson - Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Event professionals have interpreted the concept in styles from folksy to elegant.

Nostalgic references to American culture and designs inspired by patriotic hues aren't just for Memorial Day and Fourth of July events. Organizers incorporate classic Americana into their events throughout the year, approaching the versatile theme in a variety of ways—from folksy and kitschy to literal and even elegant. Read More...

LA’s “Artsy Blocks”

Allana Johnson - Friday, November 21, 2014

These three streets are collectively transforming the LA art scene.

North Highland Art Galleries – (Hollywood)—North Highland Avenue’s once blank canvas is now awash in a crop of new and emerging art galleries. Take Perry Rubenstein for instance. This NYC gallerist left the Big Apple for Tinseltown and opened his namesake LA outpost in a former film-supply warehouse. A permanent and rotating collection includes many LA artists, which is helping to further fuel the city’s ever-growing art scene. www.perryrubenstein.com. Just down the street is Regen Projects at the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Highland Avenue, which boasts some 20,000-square-feet of gallery space complete with a rooftop sculpture park – so very LA. www.regenprojects.com

Culver City Art District – (Culver City)—Powerhouse gallerists Blum + Poe may have single-handedly been responsible for the explosion of art galleries when they moved from their Santa Monica digs to Culver City not far from the gates of Sony Studios (formerly MGM). Now some three-dozen art galleries grace the streets of La Cienega and Washington Boulevards, including Katherine Cone and Nye + Brown. In between gallery hopping take a break at one of the many sidewalk cafes that surround this artsy enclave. www.ccgalleryguide.com

Gallery Row – (Downtown) —Located along Main and Spring Streets, between 2nd and 9th Streets, is what locals call Gallery Row. Lined with cutting-edge art galleries and home to the popular Downtown Art Walk, held on the second Thursday of every month, this area is exploding with creativity. What makes this neighborhood even more interesting, aside from the various installations and exhibits celebrated behind gallery doors, is the abundance of public art, from sculptures to street art, Downtown LA is like a gallery without walls. www.galleryrow.org

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How One Political Event Broke the Boring Stereotype

Allana Johnson - Friday, November 21, 2014

FedScoop doubled its production budget to liven up its increasingly popular FedTalks event.

WASHINGTON, D.C. FedScoop, an online platform for tech and government collaboration and news, brought together big names from both arenas on November 6 for the fourth annual FedTalks. The daylong conference at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington included 20-minute presentations and discussion panels that covered timely topics in the news like cybersecurity and Ebola, resulting in the event’s largest crowd ever of 1,200 people—200 more than in 2013...Read Full Article

By D. Channing Muller Posted November 21, 2014, 7:15 AM EST

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Holiday Party Ideas 2014: Offbeat Bash

Allana Johnson - Thursday, November 20, 2014

Instead of classic themes, some planners are throwing no-rules parties with innovative ideas, quirky settings, and unique entertainment.

“This year is all about breaking outside of the norm and pushing the limits, yet still having a sophisticated feel,” says James Lewis Wark, director of catering and special events at Thompson Miami Beach, which opens October 31. For those not into classic Christmas redux, a carnival, fairy tale, or storybook theme can be just as festive—and include built-in decor, entertainment, and food options.

“Rather than the traditional parties of the past, planners are seeking something more innovative and exciting for their money,” says Jaleesa Kirk, event sales manager at the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago. “This gives the venue a lot more responsibility, but a lot more creative freedom to play with than years past. Now not only do you have the annual work party, you have an annual work party that people can’t wait to show up to.”

By Michele Laufik, Posted September 23, 2014, 7:45 AM EDT

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